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Purewatercare.com is a company engaged in the field of water treatment management. We have experience since 2003 in the installation of Installation Depot refill drinking water, Bottled Drinking Water Plant ( mineral water) , Installation for clean water and drinking water for households, offices, employees at the location of drinking water plantations, coal mines, catering, DLL. We provide equipment / Spare parts are complete and continuous and Serve surveys prior to installation. We also provide free consultation services before the transaction takes place. Each shipment will be informed No.Resi shipment upon receipt by the expedition and we guarantee that every transfer to the account always delivered the goods, none of the transfer of the undelivered goods. Please do confirm after transfer it to help speed up the delivery of goods.

We guarantee every transfer always delivered the goods, none of the undelivered goods transfer. Our commitment is not messing around and below proof of our seriousness to the buyer who has conducted transactions with purewatercare.com via bank transfer. These data are updated every day in real time whenever there is transfer into our account. This list is provided to help buyers who have made the transfer so as to ensure that the transfer has been received by purewatercare.com and can know the status of the goods ordered are already delivered or not. You can see the No.. Delivery receipt and then check himself into the expedition to find out the status of your order the goods in your possession.

Purchasing contact:
Pure Water Care, Water Treatment Management
Apartment East Sentra Retail H08EB Jl. Komarudin Heroes Kingdom East Side Toll Pulogebang East Jakarta Outer Ring
Tel : 021-7053-8248, Hp : 0852-1830-0576, SMS : 0852-1730-4428, Fax : 021-4870-3967, CS1: Maisaroh, CS2: Bayu, CS3: Novita
Website: www.purewatercare.com | Email: purewatercare@ gmail.com
Hours of Service: Monday s / d Saturday At 08.00 s / d 17: 00 pm, After hours it serviced tomorrow.

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